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re: i would like to be mod
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Joined: 5th Jul 2014
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6th Jul 2014

What's Your Name: Dylan

What's Your Age: 13

Why Would You Like To Apply:  I would like to be admin/staff Because. I Like the server a lot and i want to help the server out with poeple breaking rules or problems i can help to solve. I really like Helping people out and helping servers a lot on gmod or on any game servers.I have really good experience on RP servers mostly darkrp servers but mostly good at handling situations. One time on a server a staff member was lazy and i had to handle it so the owner gave me staff for like 3 seconds and said i handle it good . I also Know What every rule on darkrp such as nlr,rdm,mass rdm,Failrp,D/c during sit,D/c after doing something bad,Metagaming,Propblock etc.. .

I like how staff handle situations on gmod most servers do a sit or they just tpa to the person and handle it there either way. I am also good at cracking who is lying and who is telling the truth at rdm and other stuff. You can check logs or you can tell by the voices,Anger or how they are acting. But i never been staff really before in gmod but i did have staff once on a server but it got down. i just brought the game like 2 weeks ago so it would be a good experience learning to be staff on the server for the secend time. But i do know the complex of being staff i know my limits of being staff and also know to be kind to poeple even if they are cursing or did something really bad to me.

Lastly i have been on minecraft servers and have been staff a lot of times like i know simple commands or i know how they work /ban /kick etc... . But i might not know some things/commands being staff since i never been really staff for long on gmod so i might have to learn somethings but am a good learner. I also do not abuse my powers i play as a normal person but when a person ask for help i will be there and help them. I am also a friendly guy but not when am mad but i can keep my temper. So i hope u accept my application so i can help the server out and players out.

Skype Name: dylan.drolet

In Game Name: dyland82

Joined: 5th Jul 2014
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6th Jul 2014


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Joined: 5th Jul 2014
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6th Jul 2014

God dam, better app than before

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